16 Jan

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My new single "OUTLAW" is available NOW on all music platforms. (Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, etc.)

From my forthcoming EP "Take Cover"

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                                                   I just released my first solo Cd. "AMPLE'TUDES" in - 2020'

Front Cover

Back Cover

"Ampletudes" is a Guitar-Driven diverse collection of great songs with an impressive array of world-class guest musicians.

  • Dave Gant (Garth Brooks), Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath)
  • Eugene Moles (Buck Owens, Merle Haggard), Zach Ballard (Jasmine Cain, Tony Harnell),
  • Ronnie Lutrick (Johnny Hiland, Del Reeves), Evan Christopher (Circle ll Circle)
  • Randy Kohrs (John Fogerty) - & many more..

"For Ample'tudes Purcell doesn't hide his serious chops or eclectic influences, from blazing satch shred ("Hammer Down") to spaghetti-western twang ("Rattlesnake Road")"

                               - Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine


For years as a side-man, I've stayed busy with many Blues, Country, & Rock Artist., As well as with the "Ron Keel Band" (www.RonKeelBand.com)

- I also have my own Blues/Rock Solo Group "Steve Purcell Band"A Powerhouse trio playing original's & select classic covers, with a show that will blow you away.!

 As a Performer, I've recently been touring with the "Ron Keel Band" fronted by Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath), who's had record sales over three million. As a member of the Band I've performed shows with Paul Stanley (Kiss), Jack Blades (Night Ranger), Don Dokken (Dokken), Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), Kip Winger (Winger), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), & many more., 


 "Guitarist Steve Purcell has captured a tremendous variety of musical genres on his debut solo album, Ample’tudes., all while showcasing his virtuoso axe skills." 

                                           - Pulse Magazine

 "With more than enough guitars to satisfy any fan, Steve Purcell’s debut solo 10-song CD release, Ample’tudes, is a guitar-driven diverse collection of songs with an impressive array of world-class guest musicians."  

                                  - International Musician Magazine

"For Ample'tudes Purcell doesn't hide his serious chops or eclectic influences, from blazing satch shred ("Hammer Down") to spaghetti-western twang ("Rattlesnake Road")"

                               - Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Steve Purcell has hit a homerun with Ample'tudes. From the first roar of solid cranked guitar in Hammer Down to the Acoustic swing sounds of Bit's & Piece's. Steve takes us on a six string journey."

                               - Jimmy Warren, Guitar Talk Radio

"What a fabulous record, Steve has done some incredible work here.
I hear a thousand things, Rhoads, Bettencourt, Vai, Clapton, Beck the list goes on..
This is what I call Stupidly Good. Beautifully done!!"

                           - Michael Spriggs (#1 Songwriter/Producer, "A" string Nashville Session Musician)

Nashville Musician Magazine.

* CD Review by Rock-Expert (click link) ~ https://rock-expert.com/website/index.php/reviews/114-album-review-steve-purcell-s-debut-release-ample-tudes

"You have done an extraordinary rework of Outlaw.
Ron Keel totally knocks this out of the park with power Vocals galore.
the perfect vocalists to sing this."

- Den Cartwright (Pure Metal of The Gods Magazine)




1.) "Messin' with the Kid" - from my Solo CD "Ample'tudes"

Track 8_Messin' With The Kid (2min. teaser)(44kHz_16bit).mp3

2.) "Hammer Down" - from my Solo CD "Ample'tudes"

Track 1_Hammer Down (1min. teaser )(44kHz_16bit)(1)(2).wav

3.) "Bit's & Piece's" - from my Solo CD "Ample'tudes" 

Bits and Pieces Mix 1.5_TEASER 35 sec..wav

 4.) "Rattlesnake Road" - from my Solo CD "Ample'tudes"

Track 2_Rattlesnake Road (2min. teaser)(44kHz_16bit).mp3

5.) "Angel In Hell" - from my Solo CD "Ample'tudes"

Track 3_Angel In Hell (2min. teaser)(44kHz_16bit).mp3 

6.) "Outlaw" (featuring Ron Keel, Donnie Van Stavern)

Outlaw (5).mp3


   "Steve is an accomplished guitarist who has dedicated his life to music. He always distinguishes himself every time we work together." 

- Henry Paul (Outlaws, BlackHawk)


"This guy plays some of the best guitar you'll ever hear."

- Steve Trovato (Master Guitar Instructor SCU-G.I.T/Super Player)


"Steve Purcell has been a friend for many years & everyone I know loves him, including me! He is an amazing guitar player with ideas that need to be heard!"
- Johnny Hiland ( Nashville Super Picker', Solo & Session Artist)

"Steve is a great guitar player & a great friend, I am honored he ask me to play on his Solo project "Ample'tudes."
- Dave Gant (Piano/Bandleader Garth Brooks)

 "One of my all time favorite guitar heroes Steve Purcell - not only Nashville's finest, but one of the best in the business & an amazing dude".

- Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath)

 "We are excited to bring the amazing guitarist. Steve “Doc “ Purcell to the Gogo Tuner Family . He’s currently on Tour with  the One and only also Gogo Tuner Family artist RON KEEL. - www.RonKeelBand.com  

- Mike Mostert, GoGo Tuners. 


"A pleasure to hear from a sought-after veteran Nashville professional." 

Steve Bernal (Bassist/Cellist Monte MontgomeryPhil Anselmo, Solo Artist)       





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