Steve Purcell Solo CD "Ample'tudes"

My Debut Solo CD "Ample'tudes" Is Finished & In Duplication"!

"Ample'tudes" is a guitar driven diverse collection of great songs with an impressive array of world-class guest musicians.

- Dave Gant (Garth Brooks)

- Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath)

- Eugene Moles (Buck Owens)

- Zach Ballard (Jasmine Cain, Tony Harnell)

- Ronnie Lutrick (Johnny Hiland, Del Reeves)

Evan Christopher (Circle ll Circle)

- Randy Kohrs (John Fogerty), & many more..

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"One of my all time favorite guitar heroes Steve Purcell  - not only Nashville's finest, but one of the best in the business and an amazing dude".
- Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath)

"Steve is an accomplished guitarist who has dedicated his life to music. He always distinguishes himself every time we work together."
- Henry Paul (OutlawsBlackHawk)

"Steve Purcell has been a friend for many years & everyone I know loves him, including me!
He is an amazing guitar player with ideas that need to be heard!
- Johnny Hiland ( Nashville Super Picker', Solo & Session Artist)

"Steve is a great guitar player and a great friend, I am honored he ask me to play on his Solo project "Ample'tudes."
- Dave Gant (Piano/Bandleader Garth Brooks)

"A pleasure to hear from a sought-after veteran Nashville professional." 

   (Phil Anselmo, Bassist/Cellist/Solo Artist)


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