Please feel free to contact me for Guitar Lessons.
I've Loved Teaching Guitar for many years now.,
I offer 1 on 1 Individual Local Private & Skype Lessons.

* I Custom Tailor my Lessons to each Individual.

* Learn Blues, Rock/Metal, Country (chicken pickin')
* Learn to Play your favorite Songs
* Learn the Nashville Number System
* Learn the in's & out's of Songwriting
* Learn Scales, Modes & Arpeggios

* I'm a Nashville BMI Affiliated Songwriter. (20+yrs.)

* I'm also a Nashville Musicians Union  Member (25yrs.+ / Local #257)  http://www.NashvilleMusicians/users/Steve-Purcell-0

Contact Me with Questions or to get Started.
E.mail:  Lessons@StevePurcellMusic.com

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"Steve Purcell has been a friend for many years & everyone I know loves him, including me!
He is an amazing guitar player with ideas that need to be heard
- Johnny Hiland ( Nashville Super Picker', Solo & Session Artist)

"Steve is a great guitar player and a great friend, I am honored he ask me to play on his Solo project "Ample'tudes."
- Dave Gant (Piano/Bandleader Garth Brooks)

"This guy plays some of the best guitar you'll ever hear."
- Steve Trovato (Master Guitar Instructor SCU/G.I.T,Solo Artist)


"One of my all time favorite guitar heroes Steve Purcell  - not only Nashville's finest, but one of the best in the business and an amazing dude".
       - Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath)


                                                    ~  "Hard Luck Woman" (by: KISS) - Finger-Style ~

                                                                           ~ A Metal Moment (Improv.) ~

"Steve is an accomplished guitarist who has dedicated his life to music. He always distinguishes himself every time we work together."
- Henry Paul (OutlawsBlackHawk)

                                                                          ~ Bit's & Pieces Mini Lesson ~

                                                                  * Show with Paul Stanley (KISS) *

* I recently had the privilege of having a song I co-wrote released as a single by new Nashville Country/Americana Artist, Collin Mills "Long Time Coming" (currently #14 AMC Country Charts).


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