Steve Purcell "Ample'tudes" CD (IN STOCK.!)

My Debut Solo CD "Ample'tudes" Is Available NOW! - "Ample'tudes" is a Guitar-Driven diverse collection of great songs with an impressive array of world-class guest musicians.

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 "This guy plays some of the best guitar you'll ever hear."

- Steve Trovato (Master Guitar Instructor S.C.U./G.I.TSolo Artist)


With enough guitar's to satisfy any fan., "Ampletudes" is a Guitar-Driven diverse collection of great songs with an impressive array of world-class guest musicians.

  • Dave Gant (Garth Brooks)
  • Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath)
  • Eugene Moles (Buck Owens, Merle Haggard)
  • Zach Ballard (Jasmine Cain, Tony Harnell)
  • Ronnie Lutrick (Johnny Hiland, Del Reeves)
  • Evan Christopher (Circle ll Circle)
  • Randy Kohrs (John Fogerty), - & many more..

This multi-genre' audio journey paints pictures taking the listener to places from rock concerts, smoky jazz clubs, old western missions & more.

"Steve used a multitude of instruments for the songs on Ample'tudes, from a PRS thru a Marshall, Les Paul's, Strats, & Tele's, to a Gretsch thru a Fender deluxe reverb, to a Martin acoustic with a room mic."

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"Steve Purcell is an amazing guitar player with ideas that need to be heard!"
- Johnny Hiland ( Nashville Super Picker', Solo & Session Artist)

"Steve is an accomplished guitarist who has dedicated his life to music. He always distinguishes himself every time we work together."
- Henry Paul (OutlawsBlackHawk)

"Steve is a great guitar player and a great friend, I am honored he ask me to play on his Solo project "Ample'tudes."
Dave Gant (Piano/Bandleader Garth Brooks)

"One of my all time favorite guitar heroes Steve Purcell - not only Nashville's finest, but one of the best in the business.
- Ron Keel (Steeler, KEELBlack Sabbath) 

"Steve Purcell has hit a homerun with Ample'tudes. From the first roar of solid cranked guitar in Hammer Down to the Acoustic swing sounds of Bit's & Piece's. Steve takes us on a six string journey."

                               - Jimmy Warren, Guitar Talk Radio

"For Ample'tudes Purcell doesn't hide his serious chops or eclectic influences, from blazing satch shred ("Hammer Down") to spaghetti-western twang ("Rattlesnake Road")"

                               - Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine

"With more than enough guitars to satisfy any fan, Steve Purcell’s debut solo 10-song CD release, Ample’tudes, is a guitar-driven diverse collection of songs with an impressive array of world-class guest musicians."  

                                  - International Musician Magazine

"A pleasure to hear from a sought-after veteran Nashville professional." 

Steve Bernal (Bassist/Cellist Phil Anselmo, Solo Artist)       


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