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 "Guitarist Steve Purcell has captured a tremendous variety of musical genres on his debut solo album, Ample’tudes., all while showcasing his virtuoso axe skills."
- Pulse Magazine

"Steve is a great guitar player & a great friend, I am honored he ask me to play on his Solo project "Ample'tudes."
- Dave Gant (Piano/Bandleader Garth Brooks)

 Fretbar Records Recording Artist "Steve Purcell Band" is a Powerhouse Blues/Rock Group 
 playing original's & select classic covers, with a show that will leave you wanting more.!

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 My New Video & Single "I'm Ready" is Available Everywhere NOW..!!
In Digital Format For Download & Streaming, & Is Available On All Music Platforms. (Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, iTunes, + 150 more.

"Steve Purcell is a gifted guitarist, who has grown to understand the power of patience, and the rewards that come with restraint. Good taste and emotional commitment are the hallmarks of his playing style."
- Henry Paul (Outlaws, Blackhawk)

"The Nashville Rebel Steve Purcell pours pure power and passion into each line and lick on this killer cut. This is a guy who lives it, loves it, and delivers on every level. I'm blown away."
- Ron Keel (KEEL, Steeler, Black Sabbath)

"Excellent..!! I'm personally flattered that Steve did my song, and Steve does an excellent job."
- Frank Marino

* - My New Single "Outlaw" Has Been Released In Digital Format For Download & Streaming,
      & Is Available On All Music Platforms. 
(Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, + 150 more.) - click HERE:
* - I released my first solo album,"Ample'tudes" in 2020' & It Is Available For Download & Streaming On All Music Platforms. (Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, + 150 more.) - click HERE:

For years as a side-man, I've stayed busy with many Blues, Country, & Rock Artist., As well as with the
 "Ron Keel Band" (www.RonKeelBand.com)
 The Ron Keel Band fronted by Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath), who has had record sales of over three million. I've performed show's with Paul Stanley (Kiss), Jack Blades (Night Ranger), Don Dokken,(Dokken), Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), Kip Winger (Winger), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth)& many more.,
 Ron Keel Band, scored a Top 40 hit in 2022 with their latest single, When This Is Over (https://youtu.be/i4BiVe5qGD0
"Steve Purcell has been a friend for many years & is an amazing guitar player with ideas that need to be heard!"
Johnny Hiland ( Nashville Super Picker', Solo & Session Artist)

"Steve Purcell has hit a homerun with Ample'tudes. From the first roar of solid cranked guitar in Hammer Down to the Acoustic swing sounds of Bit's & Piece's. Steve takes us on a six string journey."
- Jimmy Warren, Guitar Talk Official

 "For Ample'tudes Purcell doesn't hide his serious chops or eclectic influences, from blazing satch shred ("Hammer Down") to spaghetti-western twang ("Rattlesnake Road")"
- Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine

 "This guy plays some of the best guitar you'll ever hear. You've gotta' hear him play"
- Steve Trovato (Master Guitar Instructor S.C.U./G.I.T, Solo Artist)

"With more than enough guitars to satisfy any fan, Steve Purcell’s debut solo 10-song CD release, Ample’tudes, is a guitar-driven diverse collection of songs with an impressive array of world-class guest musicians."
International Musician Magazine


I've played with, or shared the stage with, many national acts, such as Foghat, Montgomery Gentry, Night Ranger, Carrie Underwood, Josh Turner, Skid Row, Asia, Little Big Town, Pat Travers, Trace Atkins, Mark Wills, David Lee Murphy, David Allan Coe, Craig Morgan, Big & Rich, Hank Williams Jr., Chad Brock, The Outlaws, Trini Triggs, Celinda Pink, Jeff Bates, Sawyer Brown, & many more.!
I hail from a long musical family line, including my late first cousin Denny Purcell, owner and mastering engineer of Georgetown Masters Studios, Nash.TN. (his clients included Garth Brooks, Kansas, Willie Nelson, Neil Young);
& my Cousin Tommy Roberts who played Bass Guitar for Johnny & the Hurricanes, who had the Hit "Red River Rock", My two uncles (James & Billy Walker Purcell) who played Bass & Guitar for String Bean, Homer & Jethro ; also my grandfather William Cecil Purcell, who played banjo with Red Foley. And, not to forget Henry Purcell, the famous 17th century composer who composed many songs for the court of Queen Mary.

"One of my all time favorite guitar heroes Steve Purcell  - not only Nashville's finest, but one of the best in the business and an amazing dude".
- Ron Keel (SteelerKEELBlack Sabbath)

"What a fabulous record, Steve has done some incredible work here.
I hear a thousand things, Rhoads, Bettencourt, Vai, Clapton, Beck the list goes on..
This is what I call Stupidly Good. Beautifully done!!"
- Michael Spriggs (#1 Songwriter/Producer, Session Musician, Eddie Rabbit, Trace Atkins)

"Steve Purcell named his record appropriately. Listening to the 10 cuts he includes in this collection reflects a dizzying mastery of distinctly different musical attitudes, or styles. He connects them all with fun audio droplets of revving engines, church bells tolling and footsteps between songs that somehow work to set the listener up for what they're about to experience."
- Hank Monka (
 The Nashville Musician)

 "Steve is an accomplished guitarist who has dedicated his life to music. He always distinguishes himself every time we work together."
- Henry Paul (OutlawsBlackHawk)

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